Friday, October 20, 2017

Keep an eye out for the Helpers

The other night I had just cleaned up after dinner, and was settling down with Buddy Cat to go over notes from last week's Exercise Physiology lecture. In my final lead-up procrastination (procrastination takes many forms), I flipped to The Last Word column in the The Week magazine, and found a loving tribute to Mr. Rogers.

Mr. Rogers and Daniel Striped Tiger
As I read the article, I grew misty-eyed thinking about the kindness that Mr. Rogers seemed to embody. As Anthony Breznican described his chance encounter with Fred Rogers, I was transported back to the magical world of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. His neighborhood was filled with kindness and appreciation - basic goodness.

Each day we have many opportunities to embody kindness and appreciation for the myriad beings that surround us. May we enjoy every opportunity to be the kind of helper that Mr. Rogers speaks of.

Have a great week,


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