Monday, August 29, 2016

The Countdown

In just over one week I'll be a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin. After a 20+ year hiatus, my return to school is imminent.

This past week's meetings and orientation events have alternately been exciting and scary. I find it exciting to be surrounded by other people that are eager to deepen their knowledge and to expand the horizons of the known. And I find it scary to be immersed in a culture that's so amazingly smart, creative and driven. While I know I possess aspects of smart, creative and driven, uncertainty and self-doubt have crept in between the cracks.

Rather than reciting affirmations, I've been trying to lean into the roller-coaster of feelings. (Sometimes with aplomb, and other times even trying to be present with my feelings brings up further feelings of doubt!) Despite riding this internal roller coaster, I can hardly wait to be challenged intellectually and creatively in the coming years.

Among the many horizons that will likely expand, I'm excited to be a Teaching Assistant in an undergraduate anatomy course. While I have been teaching anatomy to yoga practitioners and teachers for many years, my focus has primarily been teaching skeletal and muscular anatomy. In this upper-level anatomy course, my focus will need to expand considerably.

I am confident this larger perspective on anatomy will soon be felt in the Yoga and Pilates classes that I teach. How about if you let me know if your experience in my classes perceptibly changes in the coming months?

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