Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Return to Science

As many of you know, I’ll be embarking on a new endeavor this coming Fall. After a 20+ year hiatus from the halls of The Academy, I’ll soon be matriculating at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

I’ve long been interested in the intersection of the mind and body, and I’ve continually run into dead-ends in understanding the mechanisms underlying this dynamic interplay. While yoga proponents make many claims about how body practices influence the mind, there’s astonishingly little evidence to support many (most?) of these claims.

In my forthcoming studies, I hope to develop a better understanding of how the body influences the mind, and how mental practices, in turn, influence the body.  It’s an exciting time in the fields of Contemplative Neuroscience and Kinesiology, and I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to deepen my understanding of both fields.

As part of my shift toward a deeper scientific understanding of physical and contemplative practices, I anticipate the focus of this blog will also evolve. Thus far, this blog has largely revolved around my subjective experiences and opinions. In the coming months, I plan to pivot the focus of this blog to more closely reflect what I’m learning in school.  

While I will certainly continue to interject opinion and fanciful conjecture into my writings, I plan to use my upcoming coursework as springboards for a wide-ranging discussion of movement, meditation and their creative integration.

If you’re new to this blog – welcome! And if you’ve been reading for a while – thank you for your support!

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Marjorie's Daughter said...

Don't lose your magic, Scott!!! Science and the subjective can hold hands!