Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yoga: Positive Change or Pathology - Video Part 1


Anamaya Resort said...

Wonderful advice and something to be mindful of as you practice yoga. Thanks for the video.

ckennedy said...

From what I've learned about my own health, and after watching my four children, my mother, siblings, and friends as well, I've come to understand food sensitivities as underlying genetic predispositions that appear (as symptoms) when the person is under any sort of added stress. I can tell you each symptom that appeared with each of my pregnancies, with a surgery, with grieving, and it was only afterward that our sensitivity to grains was diagnosed. Sensitivities to many other foods was occurring because of leaky gut, or gut damage that continued before we knew to change our diets. Starting a Bikram practice will certainly be a challenge to one's metabolism, and may be a good way, through detox and challenge, to find out what lies beneath. Those predispositions are caused by many, many different genes which would be expressed at some point, for other reasons. Once our diets were changed appropriately, our many, many symptoms vastly improved or went away entirely (and recur if we eat grains). So it's not that yoga is causing the symptoms, but it may very well expose a condition that should truly be addressed.