Wednesday, December 22, 2010


For the past few months I've been teaching monthly courses at the Yoga Center of Eau Claire. It's been a joy to share Alignment Yoga with such a capable group of students, and also to develop new friendships along the way.

I've truly enjoyed teaching with YCEC owner Sandra Helpsmeet, and have treasured spending more time with her husband, Mark Helpsmeet. I've known Mark for several years, though only in the past few months have spent enough time with Mark to more fully appreciate his rich sense of humor and spiritual depth. When Mark invited me to appear on his radio show, Spirit in Action, I enthusiastically agreed.

The interview is a little under one hour in length, and discusses a wide range of subjects related to Yoga, the spiritual path, and the Spectrum Yoga Therapy program. I hope you get a chance to listen!

If you get a chance to listen to this interview, please feel free to share your comments - we'd love to hear your stories of the spiritual path, and any comments and questions that may arise.


Scott A. Anderson


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I am grateful for this experience.
Thank you for sharing.

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Awesome article!! Thanks for the share !!

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