Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grounding with Gravity Juice

Gravity Juice on the feet is one of the most unique and effective of all the Pre-Yoga techniques. While I've been using this technique and teaching students in the studio for years, I'm excited now to share this tool with the larger yoga community. Try it out, and let us know your results.

Here's an excerpt from the video below:

The sole of the foot relates to the whole rest of the body. In reflexology, the top of the foot relates to the upper back between the shoulder blades. So many yoga students walk into class and complain about how stiff and tight they are between the shoulder blades. Quite often, these exercises begin to release those tight, stiff muscles.

We can also consider the foot as our primary shock-absorber. If we step on an irregular surface, the foot absorbs the irregularity. If the foot is very stiff and rigid, it transmits that shock higher up into our system. This can cause knee strain and an unstable SI joint. Getting more pliability in the sole of the foot can be a very powerful technique to resolve both these problems.

Finally, if you start a yoga practice with the feet, getting them loosened and softened, you will maximize the benefit of all the rest of the poses you do.

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Robin Chapman said...

Thanks, Scott; these postings are terrific! cheers, Robin

Nicole O. said...

Amazing how something as simple as giving some attention to your feet has so many wonderful effects on the rest of the body! Thanks, Scott!

Monalisha Biswal said...

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