Monday, November 10, 2008

Sinus Trouble?

For many people, the onset of winter means the onset of sinus trouble. You've likely already heard the hacking, coughing, and snorting that announce the coming of cold & flu season. While an occasional cold is a natural part of the immune system's development, the months-long congestion many people live with is symptomatic of a deeper problem.

For many people this congestion is a reminder to practice the fundamentals of good health; proper diet, adequate rest, regular physical activity, healthy relationships and daily prayer/meditation. It's not uncommon, however, that individuals follow the fundamentals of good health, yet still suffer chronic sinus congestion. Often the problem is that of stagnation - the healthy, reciprocal movements of the skull bones are blocked and the resultant stagnation has led to congestion.

When we breathe, the belly and ribs are in constant motion - with every breath, they rise and fall. We're less familiar with the subtler internal movements of breathing, though they're every bit as important. With every breath, not only are the belly and ribs in motion, but also the spine, sacrum and skull bones. If these movements are blocked or otherwise restricted, the sinuses will congest.

The jumpstart of proper respiratory movement is a well-rounded yoga practice that facilitates deep breathing, a strong/flexible spine and a stable/supple sacral-iliac joint. Sometimes, however, we need a deeper intervention to release the sinus congestion.

The meditation below can be a boon to those with sinus congestion or headaches. The mind has the power to make us sick (psychosomatic illness), though it also has the power of healing. In the West, we don’t often speak of the power of the mind to heal, though the Yogis have been aware of this relationship for millennia. By shining the light of your mental awareness into specific parts of the body, you direct the body’s healing force into these places. When this mental focus is combined with healthy breathing, the results can be remarkable.

If you’ve struggled with sinus trouble, I encourage you to practice this meditation. I think you’ll be pleased to experience how the body & mind co-create health. We’re not held hostage by our body, but are a participant in creating its illness/wellness.

14 minutes
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Anonymous said...

Scott - I'm a new student of Yoga, and recently found this alignment yoga for sinuses. I've only been doing it for a couple of weeks, and have noticed improvement in my sinuses already. - thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Ben said...

Thank you for posting this, I currently have a cold with sinus pressure/congestion and after doing this I do feel more "space" and a bit less pressure.
I like being able to look at the sinus pressure in it's parts also, not just...."sinus pressure".

Linda said...

It's been years since I tried this meditation, but today I need it badly. Bringing the awareness of space into specific parts of my skull helps. The pressure in my sinuses has released a bit, and i plan to do the meditation again over the next day or two, maybe multiple times a day. Thank you.

Monalisha Biswal said...

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