Friday, October 10, 2008

Eye of Grounding


Marianne said...

Scott - this is brilliant! I, of course, connect it with acupuncture. We just studied the kidney channel which runs across the bottom of the foot. When I do my yoga tomorrow morning, I'm going to keep my "eyes " open.

I love the video blogs (except they make me homesick). A concept like this makes perfect sense when I see it but I wouldn't really get it if I were reading. Thanks so much.

Blue skies,


Ngawang Pema said...


When I first met you one of the things I noticed was that you have space between your toes when you stand and when you are in yoga poses. I tried it out, but this was never possible for me. Every way I tried to stand with my toes relaxed and a little space between them, it created a lot of tension in my foot. But it looked like it felt very healthy and relaxing when you were standing there.

For me, one of the side benefits of practicing the eye of grounding concept is that my toes naturally spread, creating that relaxed feeling in the front part of my foot.

I also experience an energizing in the foot. I assume there is a meridian there that is affected -- opened / balanced -- by this work.

Whether the yoga practitioner notices them or not, are these two effects common?

Scott Anderson said...

There are many schools of yoga advocating to spread, lift or otherwise manipulate the toes. My experience is that just shifts the tension from one place to another - a zero net gain. Working from the eye of the foot creates a lasting change in the toes, without the detriment of creating further tension. Over time, the toes will spread into their natural, relaxed state.

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